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      Nuvoton MFi (iPhone 5) Digital Speaker Docking Solution (NUC123 + NPCA110P/NAU8822 + NAU8223)


      The new iPhone 5 docking solution is developed from Nuvoton ARM CortexTM M0 - NUC123 USB Line series MCU. It supports both Apple latest iPhone 5 Lighting interface and old iPhone 30pins interface by using Apple latest iAP1 and iAP2 protocol through USB interface to communicate with iPod, iPhone and iPad. It supports “Auto switch/select the last inserted Apple device” when two apple devices insert into the docking. This function fulfills newly “Apple Digital Speaker docking with two interfaces application standard. This reference design solution can help customers to shorten their development time and speed up their end product to launch in the market.


      This solution supports a Nuvoton MaxxAudio Audio DSP NPCA110P. The NPCA110P integrates Waves® MaxxAudio Digital Signal Processor (DSP) sound enhancement algorithms. These are proprietary, patented, psychoacoustic algorithms that compensate for the acoustic limitations of small CE devices. The MaxxAudio algorithms (Maxx Bass, Maxx Treble, Maxx 3D Stereo, Maxx EQ, Maxx Volume, Maxx Leveler, Maxx Dialog) enable reproduction of rich content, with a wide dynamic range and a full frequency range, on a limited speaker size audio system.






      • Using NUC123 Cortex MCU running at 72Mhz for system control
      • Using Nuvoton MaxxAudio NPCA110P for enhancing Bass, 3D effect, Treble, Dialog to bring the best performance of speaker system
      • Input : Lighting, 30-Pin and Aux
      • Output: using Nuvoton D-Amp NAU8223 3W x2  
      • Support Apple Authentication Chip Version 2.0C 
      • Support iPhone5 and iPod touch5 via iDevice USB Host Mode over iAP2 and Lightning connector
      • Support iPhone4S, iPhone4, iPod touch4, The New iPad, iPad2, iPad1, Nano7 and Nano6 via iDevice USB Host Mode over iAP1 and 30-pin connector
      • Passed newest ATS Testing (ATS3.2)
      • Support EA Protocol for App auto launch by iOS
      • Support USB Audio Class1.0, 16-bit/24- PCM format
      • Support iOS 4.0 or above.


      Block Diagram: